Our clients

Below is a selection of some of our current clients, We hope this gives you a flavor of the type of work we can undertake and shows the range of electrical services we can provide.

Conder Enviromental Solutions

Conder Environmental, part of the EPS Group, is the UK's No. 1 turnkey package solution provider for water and wastewater, storage, pumping and treatment.

We work with Conder, providing Electrical power and controls for their waste water treatment plants.


Stannah is the world’s leading stair lift company and the UK’s largest independent lift, escalator and lift Services Company. We work with Stannah providing electrical power and lighting on their stair lift and Passenger lift installations.

Pims Group

PIMS Group is already the first choice support partner in waste water services for a wide range of clients from facilities and property managers, retailers, developers, commercial organisations and water authorities to domestic homeowners.

We work with the Pims Group providing Electrical controls solutions and critical specialist components.

Atac Solutions

ATAC Solutions are a UK based company specialising in Wastewater Solutions and Wastewater management.

We work with Atac Solutions, providing Electrical control Philosophies and control equipment.

The Letting Group

The Letting Group are an innovative firm of solicitors and Letting Agents, specialising in Property Management.

Our work with the letting group, involves mainly electrical testing and certification, we also provide installation services when required.


Local surgery’s


The surgeries above, are both local Doctors surgeries based in South Shields, we have a long established working relationship with them, carrying out maintenance work, testing and inspection and emergency repairs to their electrical systems.
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